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Blake's 7 Novelisations


You've reached the homepage of Jurgen, an avid Blake's 7 enthusiast. Here I will introduce you to some novelisations stemming from the series, written by fellow enthusiasts. Whilst here you'll find helpful links to Blake's 7-related websites.

Growing up in the 1980s in the south of the Netherlands, perhaps surprisingly to some, Blake's 7 was pivotal to me and my brother. The characters almost seemed like friends, even the 'baddies' had their redeeming features!


Why this site?

This is my homage both to Blake's 7 and the actors who gave it life. 2003 is the 25th anniversary of the first showing of Blake's 7 on the BBC in Britain. The purpose of this site is to provide a useful place for fans to read each other's novelisations based upon existing episodes. You will find novelised versions of episode 11 onwards, as Jill Sylvan (see the page Related Links for a link to her website) already novelised the first 10. Novelisations of other episodes were done, but I can unfortunately not give you any information on how to get hold of them.
New contributions to my website will be more than welcome. The novelisations provide a great way to introduce new people who may not even have seen Blake's 7 to this novel science fiction experience. One of the pages on my site has photos of the key characters with their names.


I visit conventions in the south-east of England as well as the Netherlands. So, here's a recent photo, in case you bump into me.


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